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How can I use visual materials in my teaching?

This site has a number of guides to help you and your students get started looking at works of art and objects.
Each guide features background information, questions, and additional resources. You can start with the “Looking,”
or begin with more specialized topics, looking by medium, genre, culture, and/or time period. There are also guides
about exhibitions, collecting, and various methodologies.

If you would like to incorporate visual materials into your teaching, check out the links and contacts below.

Using Art in Your Teaching

Staff at the Nasher Museum can help you design meaningful ways to teach with visual images.
Contact Marianne Wardle, Andrew W. Mellon Curator of Academic Programs ( or
Erin Hanas, Coordinator of Academic Programs, (

Arrange a Class Visit to the Nasher Museum

Staff at Duke Libraries can help you design a specialized LibGuide and meet with your class
to discuss research strategies. Contact Lee Sorensen, Art and Dance Librarian (

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